Jake Reynolds is an owner member and the founder of Reynolds Rifleworks, LLC. Stemming from a lifelong passion for firearms and hunting, one day Jake decided he was going to further fuel this fire by building custom firearms simply because wanted more: More precision, more performance, more success stories, just more. Enter Reynolds Rifleworks.

Having been trained by his father, a former military marksmanship instructor and avid hunter, Jake has a lifetime of experience in knowing what it takes to shoot accurately and kill ethically. With multiple years of experience in sales and customer service in the field Jake has learned what todays modern hunters and shooters want and has the customer service and craftsmanship skills to deliver. 

He founded Reynolds Rifleworks on the notion of delivering custom hunting rifles for today’s apex predator the modern hunter, as well as creating refined marksmanship machines for precision match shooters. With all the revolutionary developments in technology increasing shot distances and pushing shooters and cartridges faster and further into the backwoods someone needed to deliver on the front end. Reynolds Rifleworks is committed to doing just that. Custom gunsmithing services as well as load development to ensure that when push comes shove, and its your turn to do your job, you remain the apex.